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About Cyber Dagger

Bridging the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry

Who We Are

CyberDagger LLC is a leading cybersecurity firm dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions to strengthen digital infrastructures and bridge the skills gap in the cybersecurity realm. Our team is led by John Rodriguez, a distinguished USAF veteran and an offensive security expert with over 13 years of experience. John is a certified USAF instructor with an extensive teaching and educational development background. He has played an instrumental role in training, building, and certifying Red Teams nationally. In addition, John has led MITRE Evaluation trials for a distinguished security organization. His deep expertise extends to pioneering research in AI and ML applications for Red Teaming, as demonstrated by his notable contributions at the SANS HackFest 2023. 

At CyberDagger, we strive for innovation and maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our specialized services include Security Research, Threat Actor Modeling, Proactive Security Services, Solutions Engineering, and Training Services. We equip cybersecurity professionals with the skills to tackle the most challenging threats effectively. Our unwavering mission is to empower our clients to defend against emerging cybersecurity challenges and foster a secure digital future.